Your gift will give kids the courage to grow up and become what they have always dreamed! image

Your gift will give kids the courage to grow up and become what they have always dreamed!

Investing in our children, is an investment in our future.

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100 Years of Education. 100 Kids That Will Change The World. $100 Invests Directly Into Their Future.

EMSA’s Season of Giving is Here!

Providing quality education to empower our children to dream at EMSA, has been true since the day we opened our doors. We believe that every child deserves access to quality education, regardless of their background. Follow us as we launch our “When I Grow Up” campaign. 100 Years of Education. 100 Kids The Will Change The World. $100 Invests Directly Into Their Future.

With the dedication of our teachers, the support of parents, and the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to empower our students to dream big and turn those dreams into reality. It is an honor to provide our children with the tools and resources they need to succeed, and we are proud to see the positive impact it has on their lives.

We look forward to introducing you to 100 kids that will one day change the world through our "When I Grow Up" campaign. Follow us on Facebook to meet these students and make your gift towards their future TODAY!

Your gift will give kids the courage to grow up and become what they have always dreamed!

Our Story

In 2018, Elgin Math and Science Academy became the only K-8 charter school in the U-46 district, when a group of parents and advocates in the community came together to imagine what a dream school would look like. In partnership with the community, a school was built with the education of the whole child as the foundation of a child’s learning experience. Prior to EMSA's arrival, 100 years ago, the campus originated as a 100 acre farm that would later serve generations of children through education. The campus developed and thrived under the leadership of Morris Schwabacher and V.P. Randall into what would be called Chicago Junior School. John Van Bergen's guidance around design to build an administration building that would become the heart of CJS and later EMSA. In 2003, the CJS board adopted a new name to better reflect the values and location of the school: The Fox River Country Day School. The school closed its doors in 2003 and would later make room for what we are so proud of, Elgin Math & Science Academy.

We are committed to honoring the legacy of our campus, restoring its architecture, preserving the natural environment, and rebuilding a thriving educational community that has stood the test of time over 100 years!

By focusing on character, skill building and social and emotional support, a child’s curiosity for learning and passion for service is ignited.

Annual giving helps us to provide our children:

  • Access to quality education
  • Exceptional teachers and small class sizes
  • Better staffed supportive departments such as Intervention, Special Education, Multi-Lingual programming
  • Expanded academic, extra-curricular and athletic programs including Art, Music, and PE
  • Software and technology in the classroom to enhance learning
  • Curriculum-based field trips
  • School facilities which support the whole child, and provide really good teaching and learning environments

Our Annual Giving goal for 2023-24 school year is to raise $200,000! We realize that in a diverse community such as ours, the contribution of each family and supporter looks different, so we simply ask that you give what is meaningful for you and your family.

Making a donation is easy - you can give directly online - better yet, set up a recurring payment! Drop a check at the front office or mail in to: EMSA, Attn: Katie Taylor 1600 Dundee Ave, Elgin, IL 60120

We are all in this together – we are crew! We can’t do this without you! Your generosity makes a difference to every child we serve. Thank you in advance for your support!